Orders cannot be picked up or returned on a Saturday or Sunday so please select your date ranges accordingly.


Renting our items are completely free!

But, in case items are not returned (it's happened) or are returned damaged requiring us to replace them (it's happened too) you will need to provide a valid Cost Center (CC), Program (PG) and any applicable Department Reporting Rolls (DRR) to checkout your order. The only other way renting our items could cost you something is if you are renting linen and choose to return them dirty (see below).

If any of these charges end up applying to your order you will be contacted with an itemized list before processing payment on our end.


Your order will be pulled, packaged and labeled one business day prior to your "from date" on your order packing slip. You are welcome to pick up your order starting as early as 9:00 a.m. on your "from date" and you can pick up as late as 5:00 p.m. Your order can be picked up at The Brickyard on Mill, 699 S Mill Ave, Tempe AZ 85281.

Once you arrive to the 6th floor, please visit the front desk to collect your order.


All items are to be returned to the same place you picked them up, the front desk on the 6th floor at The Brickyard on Mill, 699 S Mill Ave, Tempe AZ 85281.

When returning items, they must be in the same condition you borrowed them in. This means all items put back into their original packing, nothing damaged, and everything stain free.


The person placing the order is the one responsible for the items, whether or not they are the ones actually using it. Please note you are accepting the responsibility of these items and making sure the items get back to us on your confirmed return date outlined in your order.


If renting linen, you have two options in regards to cleaning:
  • You can wash them at your own cost utilizing commercial/residential washer and dryer and return them clean and folded at no charge from us
  • You can return linen dirty in the bag provided and you will be charged for the cost of cleaning to the CC/PG/DRR listed in your order ($11.00/linen)
You will be asked for your linen cleaning choice when you checkout.


If the inventory is damaged, stained, or unusable upon return, you will be responsible for the below replacement value and/or cleaning fee. Also, if the items are never returned you will be charged the replacement value.


Each items replacement value can be found here. The fees only apply if items are not returned or are returned damaged to where we need to replace.